Kinokuni Country Club


Easy access from Osaka, this course is located in the center of warm Kinokawa City. Rather flat course. It was renewed on June 1, 2015; there had been 27 holes, but now it has a variety of 18 Out and In holes, in which you are required to hit far and hit in right direction.

2506 Tsukatsuki, Momoyamacho, Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture
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We ROCK FIELD GOLF RESORT is trying to enforce all the people concerned the practice written below not to be influenced by the virus:
  • Washing hands, gargling, being careful in coughing.
    We’d appreciate the customers cooperate the practice as well.
  • For the customers and we staff’s safety, we may wear surgical masks.
    Thank you for your understanding.
  • Customers without good conditions, please inform the staff right away.
We are going to keep observing the latest information closely in order to keep the health on the customers and us all.
Once again thank you for your kind cooperation.
Thank you!