Island Golf Co., Ltd. and companies in Island Golf Group (hereinafter referred to as ‘this company’) believe that it is our social responsibility to properly treat and protect personal information regarding customers, business acquaintance, board of directors and employees in this company. This company tries its best to properly treat and protect personal information it acquires, including one through this company Web site.

Considering the importance of protecting personal information, this company acquires, uses and provides a third party with personal information only within the range it needs to conduct its business.
This company takes preventive measures rationally against the risk of illicit access to personal information, and the risk of missing, destructing, altering or leaking personal information.
This company doesn’t provide a third party with personal information without the consent of the person himself, except the case that ‘Act on the protection of personal information’ and other laws establish. When this company provides trustees with personal information, limits it necessary to achieve the purpose, as well as selecting reliable trustees, and put them under its supervision.

When this company is required to disclose, correct, delete and stop using personal information from the person himself, it responds to that sincerely and quickly within the range of rational term and suitable information.

Enacted on October 3, 2011

Revised on May 29, 2017

Island Golf Co., Ltd.

About treating personal information

1.Purposes of utilizing personal information

This company utilizes it to conduct businesses given below. (hereinafter referred to as ‘present business’)
  • Golf Courses possession, management and trust management.
    Concretely, managing golf courses and other sports facilities, accommodation, hot springs and restaurants. Selling golf course membership rights and taking charge of consulting.
  • Real property such as golf course buying and selling, renting, management, investigation, giving estimate, and intermediating and consulting on them.
  • Sports and leisure goods stocking, selling, export and import, lease or renting.
  • Planning and operating events or school planning related to golf courses.
Utilize information in order to improve the selling goods and provide service related to present business.
Utilize information in order to show event information ( Prize competition, sales campaigns, notice on employment, offering prize or reward ) or give after-sale service.
Utilize information in order to take a survey about customer surroundings on present business, research market, create and publicize data to analyze customers’ trend, and for some surveying and research.
Utilize information in order to recruit, employ and manage employment.
Utilize information in order to mail, call, e-mail for carrying out the purpose showed above ①~⑤.
Utilize information in order to provide a third party with personal information to carry out the purpose showed above within the range written below.

2.Safety measure on personal information

This company tries its best to deal with personal information safely. It takes measures for appropriate and safe management against illicit access to personal information from outside, loss, damage, destruction, alteration or leaking of personal information. Also it makes confidentiality agreement with personal information providers for its appropriate dealing and protection, and tries to prevent leaking, re-providing to a third party, disclosing, using it out of range.

3.Providing a third party with personal information

This company doesn’t provide any third party with personal information unless applying to any of the following cases.

The person himself consents to provide information.
Entrust outsiders for smooth business. (in this case, the company selects well safe trustees and conducts appropriate management by making a contract against leaking or re-delivering information.)
Required disclosure by law.
Necessary to protect a person’s life, body or asset, but difficult to get consent from the person himself.
Necessary to cooperate national institution or local public entity or its trustees carry out business, but getting consent from the person could interfere with the business.
Providing business partners with information.
The range of information to provide with the target covers all except in the case the person makes a specific offer.
Providing a personal target with personal information is conducted by one of these methods; sending paper or electronic data, delivering magnetic tapes, access to servers.
When the person requests to suspend providing his information to the target, this company complies with the request under the provision of laws without delay.
Whether to carry out the suspending request or not is informed to the person without delay. Give an account of the reason if the request is not carried out.
Business partners (example)
  • Golf course reservation agency, internet advertising publisher・golf membership dealer, golf business association
  • Financial institution, lawyers, judicial scriveners, audit corporation

4.Personal information disclosure, corrections, additions, deletions, suspension, erasure, suspend providing a third party

In the case the person demands his own personal information disclosure, corrections, additions, deletions, suspension, erasure, suspend providing a third party, request to this company in person by the way showed below. From the viewpoint of preventing personal information leakage, securing accuracy and safety, this company conducts necessary investigation without delay except the case that laws regulate special procedure. Only when it confirmed that the request has been done by the person himself, it deals with the request under the law. In the case of not fulfilling the required conditions, or the request turned to be improper, this company doesn’t meet the request. Also it informs the person whether to carry out disclosure or not without delay, gives an account of the reason when the request is not carried out.

【How to request personal information disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension, erasure, suspend providing a third party】

Send the following documents and to this company.
Only on the occasion of personal information disclosure, please understand that commission is charged with postage.

The people eligible for disclosure request
The person himself, legal representative, voluntary agent (entrusted agent)
Show some of the following identification in the case the person himself requests;
Driver’s license, passport, health insurance card, certificate of residence, alien registration card etc.
Show the following identification in the case other person requests;
Driver’s license or certificate of residence for both the person and the agent, plus a letter of attorney (and the lawyer’s registration number if the agent is a lawyer)

5.Basic policy change and notification

This company may change the basic policy as needed. Check the updated Web site. Please understand that it doesn’t contact each of you each time of the change.

6.About this company’s Web site

Making use of ‘Cookie’
Some pages of the Web site have ‘Cookie’ function for the better use of the repeated readers. ‘Cookie’ is the industry-standard technique that servers discriminate readers’ computers. It just discriminates computers, not each individual person unless personal information is input.
Some Web browsers can disable the function, but that could hinder the access to all or part of the Web site.
Also this company may use the data from ‘Cookie’ in the following cases.
  • Revise the content or provide service for the better use of the readers.
  • Examine the service that readers need, or distribute effective information on the Website.
This company has a security function (SSL- Secure Sockets Layer) in which information is automatically encrypted on the internet. It uses this for form submission.

7.Contact information

Please contact below for questions.

Island Golf Co., Ltd.

1-2-7 Nagoya Toho building 5F, Sakae. Naka-ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, 460-0008

Tel: 052-265-8452


※Companies in Island Golf Group are as follows. [ as of May 1, 2018 ]

  • Island Golf Ube Co., Ltd.
  • Island Golf Management Co., Ltd.
  • Island Golf Yoro Co., Ltd.
  • Taiyokosan Co., Ltd.
  • Sembadaira Golf Club Co., Ltd.
  • Arimafuji Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.
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