“Golf” ― such a wonderful sport, which has been supported by long history and tradition. Golf market in Japan has kept changing with the times, and now, how golf courses should be in its design or management strategy is expected to have an insight for finding new potentials.
ROCK FIELD GOLF RESORT will make the most of our brilliant ideas, experience and organizational strength to create new demand and manage “Golf course” to live on for the future.


Strategies for Golf Business.

The Four of Our Service.

  • Management Services

    Golf course managing, entrusted management

    ROCK FIELD GOLF RESORT has nurtured management skills suited to the local characteristics through managing the current golf courses.
    In the entrusted management, we provide the owners with our great skills required to manage modern golf courses, as well as ones you cannot cover in a single course.
    We will meet a wide range of the owners' requirement, from membership courses adjusted to the owner's requirements to private courses representing the owner's life.

    ROCK FIELD GOLF RESORT provide the professional skills below.

    • Course designing
    • Course management
    • Materials supply
    • Operation
    • Plan and manage for attracting customers
    • Restaurant running
    • Shop running
    • Members management
    • Labor management
    • Financial accounting
    • Judicial affairs
    • Information technology

    Propsal・intruduction step regarding golf course management (PDF)

  • Owner Change Support


    Golf course is an “asset” that can be a great appeal to the owner’s status and sociability. ROCK FIELD GOLF RESORT temporarily possesses golf courses for selling, gives them some improvement, and then take them over to other stable owners. This is our “Owner Change Support.”

  • Consulting

    We provide the owners with our know-how for solving problems against management, operation, attracting customers and course management, considering owners' wishes and characteristics of the courses.

  • M&A Advisor

    Golf course management has various forms of strategic M&A, such as capital participation, business transfer and business tie-up. We provide various cases of M&A solution for managing golf courses. Also, we offer professional advice or instruction based on our plenty of experience and knowledge.

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